Euphoric Trail

In Search of The Himalayan Ghost – Snow Leopard


Adventure expedition among the Himalayan peaks of Ladakh

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Euphoric Trail’s takes you to a thrilling journey to the Rumbak Valley in Hemis National Park , the best place on earth to spot a Snow Leopard in the wild . Our team of experienced Wildlife Guides , Snow Leopard tracker and Conservationists have made this perfect itinerary to maximize the chance of spotting the Ghost of Himalaya . This  expedition is meant for the  toughest should , who loves to get challenged . As trekking in -20 in above 4000 m of altitude under heavy snow fall , with low level of oxygen takes more than just sheer courage . Snow Leopard Trek perhaps the most ultimate adventure in the planet what anyone can dream of. Many travel & tour organization organizes this trek even without proper knowledge about the area or the mighty creature . As most of trek are organised in summer for tourists , but in the summer all high altitude animals migrate to much higher areas above 4000-4500m . It is only in the winter they come lower elevation and brings us opportunity to sight them . Yes it is tough for us too , as we try our best to keep our tourist warm even in most chilly nights with proper measures , gears and equipments .


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