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Meesapulimala – The Best Trek in Kerala

Wondering where to go next in an adventure trip in this year or maybe in a worse scenario, in 2021? Looking for one of the best treks in Kerala? Then you have just clicked on the right link! Read on…

Meesapulimala, at an altitude of 2640 meters is the second-highest peak in the whole of southern India and also in Western Ghat Mountain Ranges.  From a very early age, I was a mountain lover and I could not imagine that there are scenic and mystic mountains spread across southern parts of the country until I experienced it with my own eyes. So I decided to lose myself in one of the best treks in Kerala.

Among the Western Ghat ranges, the Nilgiri mountains are Spectacular as per as scenic beauty is concerned. The altitude here makes it Unique – Though few Flora – Like Pine Tree and Rhododendron would be similar to those of the Himalayan Ranges, the Landscape is nothing like you can experience anywhere else on the Planet. Nowhere else you could the clouds flying beneath you making a bed of clouds beneath, to gear up your fantasies. The Valleys are made of green and purple velvet. The abundance of wildlife around these parts gives a boost to the adventure. Over the years I got to visit Kerala a few times already. For me Kerala is not about the Beaches and Backwater, my heart rather lies in those mystic Mountains and those mysterious Jungles. So I did the Meesapulimala Trek twice and here I will tell you about

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