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Ladakh Tour: Things to Know Before Planning


Ladakh – the name consists of two words La – means Mountain Pass, Dakh – means Land, so literally means Land of high Passes or The Land Across the High passes to get to Ladakh one has to literally cross numerous Mountain Passes which are among the highest in the world. Till the early 80s, Ladakh was almost untouched and explored by outsiders, be it Indians or Foreigners. The Region had gone through many Invasion, Occupation, and war but each time succeeded to stand up with its full glory and rich Heritage. The Indian Himalayas are spread across 11 states and union territory and around 500,000 sq km. Among these 11 states and union Territory Ladakh is least Explored, still a mystic land. While thinking about the Himalayas, the first name that comes to my mind is Ladakh.

Ladakh tour is the best option for you to rejuvenate your wanderlust spirit. It is a place like no other with awestruck beautiful Landscape, with the sheerness of raw beauty to make you speechless in its every step, with The thrill in your Soul while looking at that vast valley, with the rush of Adrenaline pumping in your vein while crossing those high Passes, with those shooting breeze coming over the Blue Crystal Lakes, with the sighting of one of the most incredible Wildlife on the Planet, One of the most Ancient Indigenous Tribes in the World. So if you are a Travel Buff, an Explorer, a Nature Lover, someone who dares to dare you must include Ladakh in Your Wishlist right now.

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